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Helping Babcock remain ‘ever-ready'

Market-leaders, ‘Babcock Critical Services’ provide fleet and asset management capability to Britain’s emergency services including the Fire & Rescue Services New Dimension Fleet. The company has a national maintenance contract to inspect and maintain this fleet which includes specialist vehicles and equipment for major disruptive events such as Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) materials, collapsed or unstable structures, and for moving large volumes of water.

Regular, independent audits are required on the company’s performance and compliance during the contract to ensure that statutory maintenance and high availability levels are maintained. Project Management Consultants ‘Stonac’ were commissioned to lead the audit and were assisted by CMI-Synergy.

Stonac’s MD, Stuart Copeland said…

“CMI have successfully partnered us on many similar projects previously. Their skills complement our own and their diligent approach and attention to detail was vital in this instance.”