Volkswagen Group:
NLC Business Case

Volkswagen Group (UK) Limited’s vision for the National learning Centre (NLC) was to consolidate their UK based training into a world class training facility which would demonstrate their commitment to staff development and to attract some of the UK’s best talent into the group. 

CMI was appointed to support the group’s Facilities Management team to develop a brief and business case to secure the necessary funding from the parent company located in Germany. 

Working with stakeholders from the Group finance team and across the main brands, the vision was developed alongside detailed analysis to understand the number and types of facilities required. 

To help the development of the vision, visits to other UK based automotive training facilities were organised to identify industry best practice and to provide a benchmark for the creation of world class training facilities.

As the vision for the NLC was unlike any other training facilities used by Volkswagen brands across Europe, clear justification and benefits had to be pitched alongside the forecast capital and revenue costings. 

This work culminated in a robust business case which clearly laid out the benefits against the estimated construction and operational costs. 

The business case was approved, and the £13M funding was secured which allowed the project to proceed to the next stage.

Skills Used

Business Analyst




Stakeholder Management