BBC iPlayer:
Business case & PMO

Following the success of the integrated Media Player (iMP) consumer trial and the subsequent Public Value Test assessment by Ofcom and the BBC Trust, the BBC launched the next phase of development for its proposed TV and Radio catch up service. Initially identified as myBBCPlayer, the programme commenced with a review phase and development of a business case which ultimately led to the development of the BBC iPlayer service. 

The BBC retained the services of CMI as part of a core team to manage the business case development and, following approval, support the implementation of the myBBCPlayer programme, to deliver the BBC’s flagship on demand catch up service.  

CMI supported the management of the business case development. This initially involved running a series of stakeholder engagement sessions from across the New Media division to explore options for the service. This led to the development of a preferred option for a web based serviced rather than a standalone media player and the name “BBC iPlayer” came to the fore after some market testing.

Once the preferred option was agreed, the technology solution was designed with key suppliers and a detailed cost plan wrapped around the service. 

Following approval of the business case, CMI was attached to the new Programme Management Office providing project management support to the development of the programme governance and across key workstreams during the initial development phase.

CMI supported the development of a fully detailed business case which met the needs of the BBC’s governance and scrutiny arrangements. The business case passed the Public Value Test and the programme was approved.

As an integral part of the PMO, CMI contributed key elements to the programme governance manual which set out how the programme would be managed. 

CMI was able to use the knowledge and experience gained during the iMP trial to identify that the business as usual operational component was missing from the programme. CMI was asked to work alongside a New Media operations director to help design and build the operational support team and process required to run the service. 

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Stakeholder Management