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The principle function of the Swanwick Centre is to provide air traffic control operations for both commercial and military aircraft flying within the United Kingdom controlled airspace.

To ensure continuity of the environmental services supporting safety critical systems, all building services have been designed with a high degree of fault tolerance. This is comprehensively documented in the Design Integrity Manual for the facility.

Following a substantive period of operation and changes to improve system resilience, NATS FM team commissioned CMI to undertake a full review of the ‘dry’ services and systems in the Design Integrity Manual to ensure that it fully reflected the installation and that subsequent works, and current operational procedures hadn’t compromised the design intent.

CMI were able to supplement its team with additional specialist consultants from its network to undertake a full and comprehensive review of the safety critical systems. CMI developed an approach for completing the review system by system which provided a consistent approach to the Client.

CMI used peer reviews across its team to ensure that all systems were thoroughly reviewed, and any changes and recommendations communicated to the Client in a consistent way.

CMI updated the Design Integrity Manual incorporating the identified changes to ensure it accurately reflected the installed systems and operational procedures.

A series of recommendations were also presented to improve system resilience and to ensure operational procedures didn’t compromise the future design integrity.

CMI were retained to undertake a similar review of the ‘wet’ building systems to conclude the review.

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